Daily Briefing :- 2/11/16

Here is CurrentHow’s Daily Briefing™ for the 2nd of November, 2016 :-

1. Over 1 million civilians stranded in Mosul, as Iraqi forces enter the beseiged city :-

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The eastern suburbs of ISIS-held Mosul are in sight, but the Iraqi forces trying to liberate the city are still struggling to get there.

ISIS snipers, relentless gunfire and mortar shelling are still keeping troops from penetrating the city’s border.
ISIS has controlled Mosul for more than two years, imposing its own brutal version of Islamic sharia law, responding to “offenses” such as smoking and shaving beards with medieval-style punishments.
Iraqi forces on Wednesday were trying to clear the road to the key city having freed dozens of villages along the way. They were firing guns at IEDs and anyone considered a “suspect” as they moved slowly down the road.
Officials have warned that entering Mosul will likely trigger the fiercest fighting seen yet in the offensive, and with it a major challenge — differentiating fighters from civilians.
The village of Gogjali, where Iraqi forces faced heavy clashes with ISIS fighters on Monday and Tuesday, is now around 75% destroyed
Around 100,000 forces in an Iraqi-led coalition have taken part in a decisive push toward Mosul, freeing communities from ISIS control village by village along the way. US defense officials estimate that ISIS has around 5,000 fighters in and around Mosul.
The Iraqi-led coalition is an extraordinary union of forces from various religious and ethnic backgrounds that have often stood on opposing sides of the country’s history. Among them are Kurdish and minority Shia paramilitary groups, who are still pushing in from the north and south. US special forces have also supported the operation.
2. Donald Trump gains in polls ahead of Election Day :-
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Both the Clinton and Trump campaigns have hit the ground hard in Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania, and new CNN/ORC polls across the four states paint a picture of a tight race to the finish in critical battlegrounds.
Clinton holds a 4-point edge among likely voters in the historically blue-tilting Pennsylvania, and Trump tops Clinton by 5 with voters in red-leaning Arizona. Though both states tilt in the same direction as their 2012 results, the leaders’ margins are tighter than their predecessors’ final leads were in each state.

Both the Clinton and Trump campaigns have hit the ground hard in Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania, and new CNN/ORC polls across the four states paint a picture of a tight race to the finish in critical battlegrounds.

While that shift is statistically significant, it could be reflective of timing: The mid-October poll came at a particularly bad time for Trump in most polls, following the second presidential debate and the revelation of a tape in which Trump talked about sexually aggressive behavior toward women using vulgar language. The new poll comes at a challenging time for Clinton in many polls, with national and some state polling narrowing amid news that the FBI has obtained additional emails that could be relevant to their investigation of the private server she used while secretary of state.
3. MH370 ‘spiraled into sea’ a new report says :-
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Missing plane Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was plunging toward the sea with no one in control when it made its last satellite communication, new analysis reveals.
A report released Wednesday by theAustralian Transport Safety Bureau provided the clearest picture yet of the plane’s final moments in March 2014.
“Additional analysis (of) the final satellite communications to and from the aircraft is consistent with the aircraft being in a high and increasing rate of descent at that time,” the report said. According to end of flight simulations run by the Australian bureau, the plane was spiraling in its final moments, descending at up to 25,000 feet per minute (284 mph).The ATSB released a statement saying that investigations will not stop until the mystery is resolved.
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