Daily Briefing :- 1/11/16

Here is CurrentHow’s Daily Briefing™ for the 1st of November, 2016 :-

1. A new poll suggests that Trump and Clinton are in a close race :-

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck-and-neck in a new national tracking poll out Tuesday morning.

The latest ABC News/The Washington Post offering showed Trump barely edging Clinton among likely voters, 46%-45%, well within the poll’s 3 percentage point margin of error. Support for Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, meanwhile has fallen to a new low, according to the poll, plunging to just 3% nationwide. Green Party candidate Jill Stein is at 2%.
Although Trump’s single-point advantage over Clinton is statistically negligible, it is his first lead in an ABC/Post poll since May — perhaps giving hope to the Republican presidential nominee’s supporters, who believe their candidate’s prospects were bolstered last week with the revelation that the FBI is reviewing new emails found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the former congressman and estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.
Still, it may be too early to gauge the electoral impact of that development, which broke on Friday. Clinton still leads Trump in the CNN Poll of Polls, an average of the five most recent national phone polls, including Tuesday’s ABC/WaPo tracking survey, 46%-42%.
2. Iraqi forces enter Mosul city limits :-
Image result for iraqi forces in mosul
Iraqi forces entered the ISIS-held city of Mosul on Tuesday, encountering snipers, landmines and road-blocking boulders to edge ever closer to the key city.
Troops came within hundreds of meters from Mosul on Monday evening and are now the closest they’ve been since launching an operation two weeks ago to wrest the city from more than two years of ISIS rule.
Experts and officials have said that entering Mosul will likely trigger the fiercest fighting seen yet in the offensive, and that the battle is expected to be fought “street to street,” or even “house to house.”
The plan is to “squeeze” ISIS fighters from different directions, commanders say. But reports that the militant group has brought thousands of civilians — mostly women and children — into Mosul as human shields, raising serious concerns of a high number of civilian casualties in the battle.
Iraqi troops took control of a state TV building on the eastern edge of the city and raised the Iraqi flag on it, according to a statement released by Iraq’s Joint military command.
3.  Unconfirmed Story : Thai Crown prince to be officiated as King next month :-
Image result for maha vajiralongkorn crown prince of thailand
Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn is to be confirmed as the new king of Thailand on 1 December.

Once confirmed, he is expected to endorse a new, military-drafted constitution and to start appointing his own team of senior royal officials.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest-reigning monarch, died on 13 October, aged 88. The government has declared a year-long official mourning period.

Note:- This story is unconfirmed and may change as new details emerge. The Editor and the Publisher are in no way responsible for the veracity of this story. 


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