Daily Briefing – 15/09/16

Here is  CurrentHow’s daily briefing for the 15th of September 2016:

  1.  4 people killed and several injured in Multan, Pakistan as two passenger trains collide –  The incident happened late Wednesday night at the Buch Railway Station near Multan. Pakistan Railways has released an accountability report saying a passenger train driver failed to pay heed to a red signal.
  2. Malaysia confirms debris found in Tanzania is from MH370- The debris, an outboard flap will be examined further to see if  helps in recreating the catastrophe which struck Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.
  3. Typhoon Haikui bursts into Shanghai and China’s East Coast – The winds accompanying the typhoon are reported to be up to 150 km/hr. China’s Disaster Relief force has assured citizens that ‘it is prepared for any eventuality’.
  4.  Democratic U.S. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail after 4 days of recovering from ‘mild pneumonia –  Clinton will address a rally Greensboro, North Carolina. Her  Republican rival, Donald Trump has targeted Clinton saying that Clinton is not medically fit enough for the office of the President.
  5. Ceasefire stalls at the Syrian city of Aleppo –  Syrian government and rebel forces could not deliver aid to the troubled Syrian city of Aleppo. This is despite the fact that the U.S-Russia deal was put into force on Monday. United Nations’ Human Rights Council (UNHCR) has warned that the situation in Aleppo was turning into that of a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’.