The rise of Islamic Terrorism- and how to stop it.


What do Paris, Munich, Nice and Orlando have in common? All of these cities are known for their nightlife. However the other similarity, which is perhaps more startling is that  all of these cities have been hit by terror attacks killing innocent men, women and children.We have come a long way since Europe and the U.S. were called “terror-safe” regions.  This recent spate in terrorist attacks has rattled the Police and the civilians alike.  Even more chilling is the fact that these acts are justified by terror groups in the name of religion. I must say, terror propaganda has been pretty successful in luring prey from around the world. This year a record number of teenagers joined ISIS and similar terror groups. The first step to solving this problem is to ask the question- Why is it so?  How are terror organisations so successful in brainwashing our youth?

Terror organisations have perfected a simple technique to hire young Muslims for their dirty work or what they call their “Brothers-in Arms”. I call it “reverse propaganda”.  Take for instance the example of the U.S. led coalition in Syria. The U.S. bombs a city in Syria in which a few terrorists are killed. ISIS uses the killings as a propaganda tool to recruit young Muslims asking them to “take revenge against the death of fellow Muslims”.  This cycle goes on and on, the battle rages on and on and ultimately, we are the ones who lose.

The only way to minimise the effect of terror propaganda is to start “anti-terror propaganda” . The U.N. should fund education programmes in High-Risk countries and should propagate anti-violence doctrines. This is the only true way to win the Battle against Terror.

Else we shall lay embattled in an eternal World War III.



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